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Megasetiaº is the No. 1 partner offers wide range of products and services for industry specific solutions that help transform idea into reality: pharmaceutical, personal care, home care, functional foods, industrial goods – footwear, adhesive, packaging, animal health, medical technology.


Industry Solutions:




The leading solutions for pharmaceutical brands in Indonesia. Excipients to APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) for over-the-counter health products, and prescription medications.



personal care


The leading solutions for beauty and skincare global and local brands in Indonesia. Polymers, vitamins, natural bio-actives, UV filters, emulsifier, emollient, surfactant, preservative and aroma ingredients.



home care


The leading solutions of commercial technologies that solve some of the most complex formulation challenges in laundry, dishwashing and hard surface cleaning applications.



functional foods


The leading solutions for food and beverage industry in Indonesia. Specialty enzymes, amino acids, vitamin & minerals, plant extracts, fruit powders, essential oils, fish oil, probiotics, collagen, peptide, bio-preservation, natural flavors and savory taste solutions.



industrial goods


The leading solutions for industrial goods in Indonesia.

Adhesives solutions for wide variety industrial applications: shoes, leather, bags;

Food-grade variety packaging solutions: PET Film, OPP Film, Nylon Film, Aluminum Foil, Resin (LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE); Footwear solutions main raw material for outsole & insole, and injection, TPU, EVA Filler & more.



animal health


The leading solutions for animal health in Indonesia. Vitamins, enzymes, eubiotics minerals, lipids, and carotenoids. Broad portfolios science-based ingredients and nutritional solutions for farm animals  to veterinarian animals



medical technology


The leading solutions for medical technology in Indonesia. Endoscopy diagnostic systems, Haematology, immunology instruments, reagents, consumable instruments, protective equipments. Rapid Test, PCR, Telemedicine, Augmented Reality where Healthcare meets Technology.


Signature Services

Our end-to-end signature services are served to discover, improve, enhance, and deliver—across industries and around the archipelago.



is the No.1 specialty ingredients and medical technology, solution and service partner in consulting, product development, supply chain and marketing for the health and well-being industry in Indonesia. 

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