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partnering beyond

Partnering beyond articulates the essence of what we do.

Its reach is more than sourcing, supplying and distributing products. It conveys strategic values of our company and is consistently communicated by our actions and communications to our shareholders and stakeholders: 

Megasetiaº together with you partnering  beyond to deliver better health and well-being solutions in Indonesia.

collaborative care
what we do

Megasetiaº is partnering with you collaboratively and care. 


We collaborate & care with clients and our team of chemists and experts across business units to solve challenges and  improve our built-to-suit solutions to you with care from regulatory to formulation, lab to manufacturing.

It is the heart of everything we do that transform from good to great.

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Bringing Science

to life

science to life

Megasetiaº is partnering together with you to bring science to life.
We pave the way to future for turning scientific ideas into applicable solutions. From sourcing up to market-ready product innovations.
Along the entire value chain we are constantly striving to improve business operations and to find even better solutions, everyday products like soaps, cosmetics, vitamins, food packaging, footwear, adhesives and animal feeds.


Transforming challenges


into solutions

challenges to solutions

Megasetiaº is partnering together transforming challenges into solutions.
Through technology, innovation, chemistry and cold chain transportation, we're helping to solve global challenges in personal care, home care, industrial goods, animal health & beyond.


partnering beyond

Image by Sue Zeng

to deliver health and well-being

partnering beyond

The world of experts who care and collaborate for a better world.

The world of possibilities where scientific ideas transform into market.

The world of partnership to solve challenges into solutions.

The world that delivers better health and well-being solutions to Indonesia.

Welcome to


The World of Megasetiaº

Our World

Our brand identity

Our refreshed brand identity symbolizes the world of possibilities to prosperous health and well-being.

We care and collaborate with you into next level of partnership, bring new discovery to life, and transform complex challenges into applicable solutions.

Partnering beyond to deliver health and well-being solutions.

our brand
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