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Sustainable Future


Megasetiaº stands for a trusted partner with high quality standards.

We help you to mitigate risk, ensure highest quality and safety, and improve efficiency at every stage of the value chain.

Act Responsibly

Act Responsibly. Act Lawfully.

Acting responsibly is part of our corporate culture and the foundation of trust that employees, customers, consumers, governments, shareholders and societies place in all of our practices everyday.


Acting lawfully is our compliance – adhering to laws and internal guidelines – has always been a matter to Megasetiaº and is at the heart of our core values. Here are the following Compliance Principles:

  1. Transparency and communication are the key to compliance. Communicate to our stakeholders in an open, respect and trusting manner.

  2. Compliance means adhering to laws and internal guidelines. 

  3. Compliance as the foundational trust of our consumers and employees, our business partners, and our shareholders is the basis of our success. 

  4. All employees are obliged to comply with applicable laws, legislations and internal guidelines. 

  5. Every employee participate in the development of compliance system.

Compliance Certification

Compliance Certification

Megasetiaº warehouse facilities are fully licensed and accredited, CDOB (Cara Distribusi Obat yang Baik), AEO (Authorized Economic Operator), ISO 9001 maintaining highest standards. We deliver these standards through the utilization of our validated tier-one warehouse management system and strategically located warehouse facilities across Indonesia. Enabling us to provide compliant end-to-end supply chain for pharmaceutical, personal care, healthcare and medical technology.


About our certifications.


CDOB (Cara Distribusi Obat yang Baik) is Good Distribution Practice Certificate issued by Indonesia's FDA.

AEO is Authorized Economic Operator issued by Indonesia's Customs.

ISO 9001 issued by Tuv Nord.

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